Being one of the top three hair cosmetic brands in the world, the Henkel-brand Schwarzkopf represents quality, expertise and innovation for more than 111 years now.

Schwarzkopf - one of the "Most Trusted Brands"

The brand Schwarzkopf enjoys full trust of consumers as well as professional hair dressers. That inures to the benefit of every product innovation that is launched under the name of Schwarzkopf.

As a head brand for a wide portfolio of legendary product brands, such as Schauma, Drei Wetter Taft and Brilliance, Schwarzkopf proved its effectiveness. The well-known trademark is placed on every product package and appears prominently in every television ad.

The brand’s success and its consumer’ satisfaction are the result of consistently meeting the high expectations that are expressed through the slogan "Professional Hair Care for you". Today, Schwarzkopf is represented in 50 countries worldwide.

Everything Classic Beauty Supply offers by Schwarzkopf:



Repair Rescue

Color Freeze

Moisture Kick

Volume Boost

Time Restore

Smooth Shine

OSiS+ Session

OSiS+ Dust It

OSiS+ Freeze

OSiS+ Thrill

OSiS+ Mess Up

OSiS+ Flexwax

OSiS+ Elastic

OSiS+ Magic

OSiS+ Flatliner

OSiS+ Sparkler

OSiS+ Blow & Go Thick

OSiS+ Flexwax

OSiS+ Upload

OSiS+ Grip

OSiS+ Rock Hard

OSiS+ Hairbody

OSiS+ Blow & Go Smooth

OSiS+ Freeze Pump

OSiS+ Curl Me Soft

OSiS+ Body Me

OSiS+ 4Play

OSiS+ Twin Curl

OSiS+ GForce

OSiS+ Glamour Queen

OSiS+ Gelastic

OSiS+ Refresh Dust

OSiS+ Shape

OSiS+ Soft N' Straight

OSiS+ Aqua Slide

OSiS+ Rough Rubber

OSiS+ Refresh N' Shine

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